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*Note*  -  The Portal isn't finished yet, but in the future, news items and updates will be placed there. is an interactive Final Fantasy VII based Roleplaying community with several active Roleplays in progress.   By visiting our forums, you can join of the three roleplay stories currently in progress.

Not to mention, a full scale Battle Arena.  We also have a Silent Hill, and a Gundam Wing roleplay for you deviants out there.

Read up on our Roleplays to the right, and click the links to visit the corresponding forums and join.  When you're not Roleplaying, you can browse through fanart and fanfiction submitted by our members. You can find lots of other RPG games at Or you can play racing games and gun games with lots of action.

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FFVII Roleplay Forums

Final Fantasy VII Roleplay:  The Calamity Wars - (Run by Tayeko) Post- Advent Children.  Jenova returns, along with help from her home Planet... a familiar mastermind is at the forefront of a monster driven war that attacks the Planet... the only hope is the bravery of those who choose to stop it...



Final Fantasy 7-2 - (run by Nakumine)  25 years after the events of Advent Children, Cloud Strife and his party are now too old to defend their home. New heroes arise to combat the growing plague, the Reveare.

Spinel -  a mega-rp  with six separate RP universes. Fine Tuning for the Boys and Growing Lovely for the Girl, Victorian-esque rps, Dog Eat Dog,  a Mob RP; Under Siege; a scif-fi RP; Unforseen; a more fantasy driven RP, and Terminal Juncture, an RP revolving around heroics.